Foniles del Nuevo Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de Mexico

June 11, 2018
The "Foniles del Nuevo Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de Mexico" is the new international airport in Mexico City. This project will have 743,000 m2 and will be the largest Tekla Structures model of all time, worldwide. This unique structure is covered by a continuous, lightweight space structure made of unifying walls and roof that allows 3x more light into the structure than that of a conventional airport. The airport also contains a monument that is inspired by Mexican architecture and symbolism. The light steel, glass structure and high vaulted ceilings are designed for the challenging ground conditions in Mexico City. Its unique prefabricated system can be built quickly, without the need for scaffolding. The facilities provide service from below chich frees the duct roof and allows the strcuture to harness the power of the sun, collect rainwater by large support foundation, direct daylight and allow views, all while achieving a high performance thermal and acoustic standards. The Foniles are 21 giant lattice columns of circular steel tubes whose geometry is derived from the funicular surface of the roof and provide roof support. It is a completely welded structure forming a diagonal grid joined by circular loops of circular hollow sections. The foniles support the gravitational and lateral load, with great rigidity and restriction to the rotation in the base. At the base there is a support structure of laminated profiles that distribute the load and prevent the tumbling reaction eliminating the need to provide a thicker foundation under the roof supports. In addition, this support configuration allows the necessary air flow for the use of the foniles in the ventilation strategy of the building. In contrast to the ceiling system of the spatial framework, the fonil is a single layer structure. The transition between the roof and the base is resolved in the upper level of the diagonals of foniles, which is bifurcated to connect both layers of the spatial frame roof to the higher loop in the foniles assembly. Vote now, public voting will close on June 22nd.!
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