Global Structural Detailing Utilizes the 3D Power of Tekla Structures to Provide Specifically Modified Drawings to Suit the Client

August 23, 2018

After working for a local Edmonton fabricator, Matthew Bastura set out to sub-contract his drafting services in an effort to start his own operation. A significant project came along, so Matthew and a couple friends incorporated in 2000 and within six months, they were in full operation. With Matthew as President and partner Tom Kerns as Chief Draftsman, Global Structural Detailing Ltd. was a growing company.

The global difference

Since purchasing the first license in 2002, Global Structural Detailing has tripled in employee size with a 13-station drafting department that utilizes the 3D power of Tekla Structures to provide specifically modified drawings to suit the client. Tekla Structures was originally used for small jobs, as Matthew and company were a bit cautious to experiment on anything complex. But after six months and bringing on an advanced user, Global Structural Detailing was able to fully realize the benefits of the application.
Tekla Structures has opened many doors for Global Structural Detailing. The company has been able to take on larger projects with shorter timelines and greater accuracy. 

Matthew remarks, “Towards the end of 2004, we took on a rather odd steel detailing job for the owner of EBay. The project was just under 80,000 sq.ft, with over 350 steel columns in 4 main pavilions. There were almost 2000 crane erectable pieces. Design changes were on-going from engineering design to owner modifications, all handled very accurately and efficiently using Tekla Structures. Due to the fabricators’ requirement for import of electronic data files, we needed to send information directly from the model through the Internet. We did not receive a single call from the shop on drawings issued to date, and the field had only one comment: how great the steel fits together. Tekla Structures was essential on this project and its success.

Customer advantage

Matthew was hesitant about making the switch to Tekla Structures. He states:
“It took a leap of faith to trust that the drawings would be correct so long as the grid was correct and the appropriate connection variables were applied in the computer model. But the transition was smooth. Tekla Structures has a fast learning curve, especially for anyone coming from a 2D environment, and a convenient user interface making it easy to implement.”

Dowco Consultants Ltd, with 3 offices across Canada, is the Canadian reseller for Tekla Structures. Not only is the company a distributor, but a major Tekla Structures user. Matthew did initially opt out of support, but after seeing the benefits, has updated his old versions. 

“Now that Global Structural Detailing is on support, for any questions that arise we can call technical support at any time and usually get a response within the hour, if not immediately. Dowco is committed to providing initial training as well as additional technical support for development. Their extensive experience with the product translates into customer satisfaction. Which in turn enhances our customer loyalty.” 

"Tekla Structures is the leading 3D modeling system in the world, with users in more than 80 countries experiencing tremendous gains in productivity, accuracy and efficiency. The advantages over other detailing systems and methods include superior technology, ease of use, flexibility and absolutely unrivaled collaboration with other members of the design team. Tekla Structures has come a long way since Xsteel. It can only get better.”

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Tekla Structures is an open system that enables brisk development for the precast industry.

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